no. 1 Coordination
no. 2 Dissemination of results
no. 3 Evaluation
no. 4 Data sources and indicators
no. 5 Mortality
no. 6 Cardiovascular disease and diabetes (CV&D)
no. 7 Infectious Diseases
no. 8 Self-perceived health and health care use
no. 9 Cancer
no. 10 The health of Roma people in CEE


The ethnic composition of the European population is changing which has major influence on the demands to health care sectors. A project with a public health perspective focusing on the health of immigrant/ethnic minority groups in Europe is not yet established. With the Migrant and Ethnic Health Observatory (MEHO) we want to place this topic more on the public health agenda.
The main objective of MEHO is to develop indicators to monitor the health status of immigrant/ethnic minority groups in Europe. Therefore existing health related databases and surveys will be used and an European network of epidemiological observatories on migrants’ health will be established. This network will generate an European overview of comparable and exchangeable data on sociodemographic and health profile of immigrant/ethnic minority groups for selected health problems. Specific attention will be paid to the conceptual, methodological, ethical and practical issue of identifying immigrants and ethnic minorities in health databases and to the assessment of valid comparisons between these groups within countries and between countries.
We do not only include immigrant/ethnic minority groups in Western Europe but also the Roma population in Central and Eastern Europe.
We focus on five critical health areas for which we know already that ethnic specific health data is available: mortality, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, infectious diseases, cancer, self-perceived health and health care use.


                  This project is funded under the framework of Public Health Programme 2003-2008 of the European Commission (contract number 2005122)